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Web Design

SRGIT having a vast experience in designing the ultimate and eye-catching websites. We develop prime and attractive websites that develop higher brand engagement, more innovative conversions, and measurable results by integrating expertise, technology, and creativity.

We want to assist you in connecting with your clients and engage them in your brand. Our professional web design services make it possible for your company to present your message in a unique and powerful way.

A reliable and scalable solution for small businesses website seeking a web designing and web development company:

We make websites built for performance

Development Process


To plan and build the best possible website for your business, we need to get to know you. We kick things off with an introductory meeting and deep data analysis from your Google Analytics, SEO, and competitors. This report guides the choices to be made in your content strategy and web design.

Sitemap and Userflow

Now it’s time to assess your existing content and website structure, and determine what to preserve and what to improve. During this phase we generate a strategic sitemap. This high-level planning tool serves as a blueprint for the overall structure of your site — what content you have, what you need, and where it will all go.

Content Gathering

Once the layout and interactive elements of your website meet approval, the prototype is ready to be filled with all the copy that’s needed to tell your story. Headlines, text blocks, CTA buttons, menu items, and more are collected in GatherContent, our preferred tool for copy collaboration.

Web Design

Taking the prototypes and style tiles, we pull together the final creative vision for your website. From homepage designs to an interior style guide, hover states, and typographic styles, we nail down the design systems that will be applied throughout your website.

Development Phase

After the designing phase is completed, our highly skilled content writers start filling out the design of web pages by addition of fresh content and refining the old content. After that, a prototype of a website is developed which is tried-and-true on all major web browsers and gets approved by you before its official launch

Site Launch

Now that the content is in and the site has been quality assured and tested, we create a launch plan to archive your old site and release your shiny new one to the public. We ensure analytics are in place, and that your site is submitted to the appropriate search engines so it’s ready to get to work.

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